Safety and Delivery


How does the registration information of Security System Arenales Homeopatianimal®?

To ensure the protection of purchase, the data registered on our website by the customer, are stored in secure server. When the order is finalized, the data are sent to the administrative system and are managed individually, and worked as it was determined by the client at the time of purchase. They are checked the delivery address and the method of payment and products purchased.

WARNING: For your safety, it is important that you use a computer you trust, always use antivirus. Avoid public computers (cyber cafes) not to run the risk of data get recorded them and used by third parties or intercepted.

How security works to use my credit card on purchases in the virtual store Arenales Homeopatinimal®?

To ensure safety for purchases with your credit card, Arenales apply all the resources and technical procedures. The shopping environment in our e-commerce is 100% safe, so the customer does not have to worry about possible risks.

We ensure the protection of the purchasing process through standard SSL (SECURE SERVER CERTIFICATE). The main data are transmitted with encryption, preventing sensitive information, including personal data and credit card, they can be captured on the road between the browser and the server. This feature prevents the content provided by the client to be accessed improperly.

To make a purchase in the online store Arenales, I need to sign up? Because?

Yeah! Registration is required to make purchases, however, as well as safe and simple, data is requested as e-mail contact and password to access your account on the site Arenales, in addition to common data such as name, address and social security numbers. All submitted content, will be under the protection of our Privacy Policy and Security, which ensures that your data is not disclosed or accessed improperly.

For Cookies are installed on my computer?

To personalize your browsing, install "cookies" on your computer. They are identifiers that we transfer files to your computer to enable the recognition of your browser by our system. However, it does not present any risk to your data and their integrity.

Information about e-mails from Arenales Homeopatianimal®.

The Arenales Homeopatianimal® can regularly send exclusive promotional messages to your customers. The links in these e-mails, always lead the Online shop customer of Arenales, or our partner sites. All messages are sent from the address domain The Arenales Homeopatianimal respects your privacy and only sends e-mail to customers who authorized this service. Our messages have a direct link to our website or partner sites, and in no event bring executable file attachments or download links.

Any questions please contact our Customer Service.

About Anti-Spam.

Please note: some providers offer Anti-spam tool for its users, in order to block unwanted messages. If you use some sort of Anti-Spam, you can not receive messages from Arenales Homeopatianimal® and even confirmation of their orders and tracking code to track the receipt in your address.


What is the deadline for delivery of my products purchased in the Online Shop of Arenales?

The time limits of delivery, can be viewed at the time it enters the customer data and the zip code of the address in the shopping cart before finalizing your order. The delivery time may vary according to each region of the country. Thus, always check the delivery time for your region.

After completion of the order you will receive in your registered email order confirmation, which also informs the delivery. You can also track delivery of your order by logging into your account in the call center, or through consultation on the post office site, the tracking code, which is sent to your registered e-mail when your product is posted.

How do you calculate the value of the delivery service?

The value of the delivery service (Shipping) is calculated from the tables provided by mail and / or by Carriers, considering the value and / or dimensions of the goods, the weight of the products and the destination.