Factor Pro Digestion Swine®

Complementary Homeopathic medicine to increase the digestibility in swine.
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The FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® is prepared in accordance with the Standards of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia, which is strictly followed by the Fauna & Flora Arenales Homeopathic Veterinary Laboratory, presenting no risk of intoxication to the person who will handle the product and neither for the animals that will be treated with the product. This product accomplishes all the Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Quality Control Practices of medicines for veterinary use.

The FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® has sucrose as a vehicle and contains herbs that went through potentization process.


The FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® improves the feed conversion rate of animals. The pig has a very significant loss of nutrients. Almost 45% of the ingested food is not used by the body, being eliminated in the feces. The homeopathic medicine reduces nutrient loss and thus enhances the feed conversion rate leading the animal to greater weight gain. It is recommended to be used after weaning, during the growth period until the finish stage. 


In the fattening process, the feed conversion rate will be higher by 15%. Most significant values are found when all stages of creation are receiving the homeopathic medicines.

In fact, this process has its beginning at the fertilization time and for that reason the results will be better when the whole farm is under homeopathy and not only from the finishing stage to the slaughter time.


The FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® is valid for two (2) years from the date of manufacture. After solution in water, the validity of the product is of 24 (twenty four) hours.


Packages containing 2 and 20 kg of FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE®

Recyclable packaging.

Product registered at the Ministry of Agriculture under Nr. 073/08-SP on 04/12/2008.




Administer FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® orally mixed with feed or water.

Recommended dosage:


MAINTENANCE: To administer 2 (two) g of FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® / animal / day.

PREVENTATIVE: 3 (three) g of FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® / animal / day.

CURATIVE: Five (5) grams g of FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® / animal / day.

Dosing according to the feed intake.


For young animals add 1 (one) g of FACTOR PRO DIGESTION SWINE® for each liter of water and administer to the animals, reminding to remake this medication daily.

Whenever possible, split the dose in two daily ration treatment.

After mixed in the feed, the product has a maximum validity of 6 (Six) months and 24 (twenty four) hours when dissolved in water

If there is any difficulty in calculating the dose, contact our technical department, at info@arenales.com.br or by phone call (55 18) 3909-9090

Technical responsible
Maria do Carmo Arenales CRMV - SP 3101

Laboratory Manufacturer and Owner
The Fauna and Flora Arenales Ltd.
Street: Maurilio Fernandes, 141
Dist. Ind. Ana Jacinta
CEP: 19064-190 - Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone / Fax: (18) 3909-9090
CNPJ (MF): 02,556,428 / 0001-40 - IE. 562 238 478 110

Licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture under No. SP 000020-5 in 02/01/2015
Brazilian Industry

O Laboratório Veterinário Homeopático Fauna e Flora Arenales utiliza, na produção de seus Fatores® Homeopáticos, apenas sacarose ou frutose.

Caninos e felinos ao serem medicados recebem por dia entre 0,2 a 1,0 gramas destas substâncias em forma de glóbulos, o que segundo a literatura não representa risco a espécie, pois são metabolizados como nutrientes (Galhardi.; C.M.) e a quantidade ingerida é insignificante perante ao peso corporal destes animais. Nossas matérias primas são provenientes de fontes confiáveis e com qualidade comprovada.

O mesmo se aplica as demais espécies que consomem entre 3-5 gramas/dia, de sacarose(pó) ou frutose(polpa).

Contudo, desaconselha-se utilização de álcool para medicar quaisquer espécies de animais, considerando o dano que o mesmo pode causar.

Nossas formulações estão dentro das normas da Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira, sejam em sacarose, frutose ou glóbulos, obedecendo sempre às normas de Boas Práticas de Produção e Garantia de Qualidade.


Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira 3ºed. 2011.

Manual de Normas Técnicas para Farmácia Homeopática 3ºed. ABFH 2003.


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