Asked Questions


As the formulas were developed?

The formulas of all the medicines are developed by Arenales Homeopatianimal® whose technical responsibility is the Director of Arenales, the Biologist, Agronomist and Medical Veterinary Maria do Carmo Arenales, which since 1980 is homeopath.

Once formulated, the results are proven in laboratory owned by farms, only to be registered in MAPA.

The drugs have scientific work?

Yes, we have many scientific papers that have been developed in partnership with universities and official bodies of research and when they are already published are placed on our website. However we follow conducting research for our entire line continuously.

What is the difference between herbal medicine and homeopathy?

The herbal medicine and use of only plant in which undergo the extraction process (tinctures) of its properties for the development of therapeutic substances. To achieve a herbal product is selected plant or part of it and placed with a quantity of alcohol, leaving it for a few days, which withdraws its extract and mix with water and other substances to make use.

Phytotherapy leaves residual effect of plants in medicine is prepared and can have side effects in individuals who do use it, or be toxic. Eg spraying cows with timbó can lead to miscarriage.

Homeopathy uses in its formulation as well as plants, animals and secretions of living beings, minerals, suffering dilution processes and grinding (product unrest already prepared in bottles, so there is the release of the energy potential of the drug) of these products. These processes are called dynamic.

There are several used powers (eg. CH 1 = 1centesimal Hahnemann, CH2, CH3, CH6, CH12, and so on) and these will vary according to the clinical case and the conduct of homeopathic veterinarian.

In other words, the herbal medicine is a plant extract, and homeopathy corresponds to power its active ingredient, which can be among others, a plant.

What is the validity of pet medications?

The validity of pet medications is 2 years from their date of manufacture.

How many products can be mixed together? Can I use more than one homeopathic medicine?

Yes, you can use our factors along with chemical medicines (allopathic) to complement the treatment, as well as more than a homeopathic medicine.

If in doubt, talk to one of our homeopathic veterinarians, over the phone 55 18 3909-9090 or e-mail

What happens if children or animals accidentally ingest the product? Homeopathy cause side effects? Who can take these medications?

Despite homeopathic medicines do not present any side effects to the patient in the therapeutic process, they should only be treated the animals that really need and medication should be recommended and given to the species we wish to address and also humans should not consume medication use vet. All medication must be guided by a professional.

I used the medication did not work, what should I do?

It should be noted several aspects:
  • The amount of the product consumed by the animal is correct.
  • if there are minimal dietary sources to maintain the health of the animal,
  • if your expectation for our medication is control or eradication.

Our proposal is over, but for more information, please! Please contact our customer service via telephone 55 18 3909 9090 or e-mail

As the products should be kept?

It should be kept away from devices that emit radiation such as, computers, television, mobile and more. Protected from light, dust, moisture, heat and environments with a strong smell.