Factor Stress Pet®

Complementary Homeopathic Medicine for the control of the stress in dogs and cats.
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The FACTOR STRESS PET® is elaborated in accordance to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia’s Norms, which are followed strictly by the Fauna & Flora Arenales Homeopathic Veterinary Laboratory not presenting intoxication risk for the person that will handle the product and nor for the animals that will enter in contact with the product. The product accomplishes the good manufacturing and quality practices of the medicines manufactured for veterinary use. 

The FACTOR STRESS PET® has sucrose as vehicle and contains energized vegetal ingredients in the formulation.


The FACTOR STRESS PET® is indicated for all the cases of stress, in dogs and cats, as for example the weaning time, vaccinations, administration of vermifuges, transport, and confinement in reduced areas as small back yards or apartments and also shows exhibitions and events with great number of people. 

Also indicated when the animals change their environment, as lodging in hotels, house change, change of trainers, changes of feed. The product should be used also during the absence of the owners. It works in the process of socialization of dogs and cats.  


The stress is one of the largest problems of the domestication process, because it reduces the resistance of the animals, predisposing them to opportunists diseases provoked by virus, bacteria, mushrooms, ectoparasites and allergies. 

Using the FACTOR STRESS PET® as a routine your pet friend will be integrated to the environment and people, in a way that reduces the impact of the domestication and socialization of dogs and cats. It results in healthy and calmer animals during the daily conviviality. 

To vaccinate your animals annually using the FACTORS® for the control of ectoparasites and not disappearing the symptoms, to consult a veterinarian specialized in Homeopathy. 

The FACTOR STRESS PET® doesn't protect against physical diseases and can be used concomitantly with allopathic medicines recommended by the Veterinary Doctor. 


The FACTOR STRESS PET® has a validity period of 2 (two) years from the manufacturing date.


Flasks containing 26 g (approximately 570 globules) of the FACTOR STRESS PET®

The packing is recyclable. 


Keep the product at least 5 meters far away from any chemical product and radiations provoked by electronic equipments. 

Store the product in a cool and dry place, protected of the sunlight and out of the reach of children and domestic animals. 

Keep the product under ambient temperature. 

Do not to discard the packing in accessible places for animals, because the ingestion of plastic can cause serious damages to the animal health.  

Product Registered in the Ministry of the Agriculture under no. 063/08-SP in 31/07/2008 .



To dissolve 10 globules per liter of water daily in the drinking device. To observe carefully if the dogs and cats drink water of the drinking fount or from the swimming pool, streams, etc. In case they are drinking of other sources, place 10 globules in each feeder whenever they are fed. 

Having any difficulty in calculating the dose, please contact our technical department: info@arenales.com.br or by phone call to (55 18) 3909 9090.


Technical responsible
Maria do Carmo Arenales CRMV - SP 3101

Laboratory Manufacturer and Owner
The Fauna and Flora Arenales Ltd.
Street: Maurilio Fernandes, 141
Dist. Ind. Ana Jacinta
CEP: 19064-190 - Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone / Fax: (18) 3909-9090
CNPJ (MF): 02,556,428 / 0001-40 - IE. 562 238 478 110

Licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture under No. SP 000020-5 in 02/01/2015
Brazilian Industry

O Laboratório Veterinário Homeopático Fauna e Flora Arenales utiliza, na produção de seus Fatores® Homeopáticos, apenas sacarose ou frutose.

Caninos e felinos ao serem medicados recebem por dia entre 0,2 a 1,0 gramas destas substâncias em forma de glóbulos, o que segundo a literatura não representa risco a espécie, pois são metabolizados como nutrientes (Galhardi.; C.M.) e a quantidade ingerida é insignificante perante ao peso corporal destes animais. Nossas matérias primas são provenientes de fontes confiáveis e com qualidade comprovada.

O mesmo se aplica as demais espécies que consomem entre 3-5 gramas/dia, de sacarose(pó) ou frutose(polpa).

Contudo, desaconselha-se utilização de álcool para medicar quaisquer espécies de animais, considerando o dano que o mesmo pode causar.

Nossas formulações estão dentro das normas da Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira, sejam em sacarose, frutose ou glóbulos, obedecendo sempre às normas de Boas Práticas de Produção e Garantia de Qualidade.


Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira 3ºed. 2011.

Manual de Normas Técnicas para Farmácia Homeopática 3ºed. ABFH 2003.


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