Factor Ecto Cão®

Complementary Homeopathic Medicine for the control of ticks, ear-flies and grubs in dogs.
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The FACTOR ECTO CAO® is elaborated in accordance to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia’s Norms, which are followed strictly by the Fauna & Flora Arenales Homeopathic Veterinary Laboratory not presenting intoxication risk for the person that will handle the product and nor for the animals that will enter in contact with the product. The product accomplishes the good manufacturing and quality practices of the medicines manufactured for veterinary use. 


The FACTOR ECTO CAO® has sucrose as vehicle and contains energized nosodes in the formulation.




The FACTOR ECTO CAO® is indicated for the complementary control of ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus), grubs (larvae of Dermatobia hominis), ear-flies (Stomoxys calcitrans) and ehrlichiosis (Ehrlichia kennels) in the dog. 


The FACTOR ECTO CAO® can be administered in animals of any age or breed as well as in pregnant females or during the lactation period.  


When the FACTOR ECTO CAO® is used in infested animals, the following reactions are observed: 


After 7 to 10 days of treatment the ticks fall to the soil. After few months using the product there are few ticks able to suck the blood of the animals. This way, the cycle of the tick is interrupted. 

In severe environmental infestations to use tickcide in the floor and walls. To use, if possible, fire broom to control the ticks in the kennel and cemented facilities. 

In very intense infestations it is recommended to give a tickcide dip to the dog initially, and to go increasing the intervals among the dips, until executing the control of all the ticks. The product is active also in other tick species. 


The cycle of the grub is interrupted, therefore the young forms, in the body of the animal, do not develop. The grubs determine small nodules that don't provoke disturbances. 


In case of dogs existing at small farms or ranches, FACTOR C&MC®'S use is indicated for the cattle with the purpose of interrupting the cycle of life of the ticks, grubs and stable-flies, because these animals allow the ticks, grubs and ear-flies to complete their life cycle intensely. 


The ear-flies disturb and bother intensely the dogs and they determine irreversible lesions in the tips of the ears. The proposal of the FACTOR ECTO CAO® is to serve as repellent, returning the tranquility to the animal. 


If the dog presents clinically the disease, to administer the conventional treatment, adding 3-5 (three to five) globules of the FACTOR ECTO CAO®, 4-6 (four to six) times a day, during 10 (ten) days, coming back to the recommended treatment for the control of ectoparasites. This treatment is recommended also for the control of babesiosis. 


The FACTOR ECTO CAO® has a validity period of 2 (two) years after the manufacturing date. 


Flasks containing 26 g (approximately 570 globules) of the FACTOR ECTO CAO®

The packing is recyclable. 


Keep the product at least 5 meters far away from any chemical product and radiations provoked by electronic equipments. 

Store the product in a cool and dry place, protected of the sunlight and out of the reach of children and domestic animals. 

Keep the product under ambient temperature. 


Animals living inside of house, as those that live in the external environment, both can be infested by ticks. 

The ticks use to infest dogs, horses, cattle, and other species; and eventually they can parasite the human being. 

Their bite, besides sucking the blood and causing discomfort provoke a lot of itching and allergies in sensitive animals, and the possibility of transmitting and causing several diseases, as babesiosis and ehrlichiosis in the animals, and Lyme disease, RockyMountain fever, among other, in the human beings. 

The veterinarian is the qualified professional to guide on the best program for the prevention and control of ectoparasites for each animal species. 


The Rhipicephalus sanguineus is the popular tick of the dog. However, eventually in the small farms, ranches, farms, etc., where other animal species exist (gallinaceous, horses, pigs, etc.), the dog can be infested by other species of ticks (Argas miniatus, Dermacentor nitens, Boophilus microplus). 

The Rhipicephalus sanguineus, of red brown coloration, is very cosmopolitan, besides infesting the dogs, it is found in the environment (residences, kennels, walls, wood of the roofs, windowsill of the doors, peels of trees, etc.) 


The use of chemical products provokes intoxications and other disturbances in the animals, and eventually on those who manipulates the product. 

The objective of the homeopathy is to CONTROL the cycle of the ticks, and not to eradicate them. Nor the chemical insecticides get to exterminate them.

Product Registered in the Ministry of the Agriculture under no. 025/03-SP in 22/09/2003.




To administer 10 (ten) globules of the FACTOR ECTO CAO® per liter of water daily in the drinking device. To observe carefully if the dogs drink water of the drinking fount or from the swimming pool, streams, etc. In case they are drinking of other sources, to place 10 (ten) globules in each feeder whenever they be fed. 

The FACTOR ECTO CAO® doesn't alter the flavor, the odor and the color of the water consumed by the animals, maintaining the normal consumption of water.  


Technical responsible
Maria do Carmo Arenales CRMV - SP 3101

Laboratory Manufacturer and Owner
The Fauna and Flora Arenales Ltd.
Street: Maurilio Fernandes, 141
Dist. Ind. Ana Jacinta
CEP: 19064-190 - Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone / Fax: (18) 3909-9090
CNPJ (MF): 02,556,428 / 0001-40 - IE. 562 238 478 110

Licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture under No. SP 000020-5 in 02/01/2015
Brazilian Industry

O Laboratório Veterinário Homeopático Fauna e Flora Arenales utiliza, na produção de seus Fatores® Homeopáticos, apenas sacarose ou frutose.

Caninos e felinos ao serem medicados recebem por dia entre 0,2 a 1,0 gramas destas substâncias em forma de glóbulos, o que segundo a literatura não representa risco a espécie, pois são metabolizados como nutrientes (Galhardi.; C.M.) e a quantidade ingerida é insignificante perante ao peso corporal destes animais. Nossas matérias primas são provenientes de fontes confiáveis e com qualidade comprovada.

O mesmo se aplica as demais espécies que consomem entre 3-5 gramas/dia, de sacarose(pó) ou frutose(polpa).

Contudo, desaconselha-se utilização de álcool para medicar quaisquer espécies de animais, considerando o dano que o mesmo pode causar.

Nossas formulações estão dentro das normas da Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira, sejam em sacarose, frutose ou glóbulos, obedecendo sempre às normas de Boas Práticas de Produção e Garantia de Qualidade.


Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira 3ºed. 2011.

Manual de Normas Técnicas para Farmácia Homeopática 3ºed. ABFH 2003.


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