Factor C&MC Globules®

Complementary Homeopathic Medicine for the control of ticks, domestic flies, grubs and worms. It also presents auxiliary efficacy over habronemiasis, eimeriosis or coccidiosis
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Information about the FACTOR C & MC®

The FACTOR C & MC® is elaborated in accordance to the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia’s Norms, which are followed strictly by the Fauna & Flora Arenales Homeopathic Veterinary Laboratory not presenting intoxication risk for the person that will handle the product and nor for the animals that will enter in contact with the product. The product accomplishes the good manufacturing and quality practices of the medicines manufactured for veterinary use. 

The FACTOR C & MC® has sucrose as vehicle and contains energized vegetal ingredients in the formulation.


The FACTOR C & MC® is indicated as a complementary homeopathic medicine for the control of ticks, domestic flies, worms and helps in the grubs control in horses.  



After about 7-15 days treating the animals the ticks start showing yellowish grooves, sign that are gotten sick appearance and their reproduction is interrupted.

Each teleogine (laying female tick) is able to lay about 3000 eggs. Making unfeasible this posture, little by little there is a reduction in the population of ticks in the environment. The need of acaricide spraying in the animals treated with FACTOR C&MC® tends to be less frequent. 

To increase gradually the interval between each chemical control (use just products indicated for spraying or powder treatment in horses). 

Periodical re-infestation can happen due to climatic changes or change of pastures.  

Few ticks in the animals do not bring damages, because they represent a form of stimulating their immunological resistance.  

After some years the infestation of ticks will be controlled. 

When purchasing new animals immediately administer the FACTOR C&MC® to them.  

Remember: Parasites and insects were born to be winners. If kill them should be possible, the chemical poisons that try to eradicate them, they would already have killed them. 

Ticks will always be observed in many ranches and farms, because the tropical area is a nest of those parasites.  

The FACTOR C&MC® proposes a reduction of these parasites to acceptable levels.  

The animals will present the skin with a lot of shine, and the ticks that do not fall to the soil will be dry in the skin, as if happening a mummification process.  

Domestic Flies: 

They make the life cycle in the feces of the animals and they are also attacked by the FACTOR C&MC®. Their control is reached in 3-6 months. 


After 4 months using the FACTOR C&MC®, only use vermifuges if the exam of feces O.P.G (Eggs per Gram of feces) indicate the need of treatment. 

Request the support of your veterinarian when necessary. 

To use oral vermifuges as first preference. 


The cycle of the grubs is interrupted, with the use of the homeopathic product because the young forms don't develop in the body of the animal. They determine several small nodules that don't provoke damages. The fly of the grub laid her eggs on vector flies (environmental), and for that reason controlling them, the control of the grub infestation will also be obtained. 


The mode of action for Habronemiasis is similar to the mode of control of grubs, in other words, the larvae don't develop in the stomach. 

Because of the decreases of the skin lesions caused by parasites, consequently there will be decrease of the cutaneous habronemiasis.


Obs.: When the Ranch is under control invite the neighbors and friends to visit it. When they adopt this program, they will be participating actively of the control of parasites in your ranch. 

Ranches and farms that use the FACTOR C&MC® removed of the list of concerns the losses and expenses with the ticks control. (An animal intensely infested has about 0.5 to 1 L of blood sucked/day). 

Obs.: Use chemical molecules in the animals with larger predisposition to endo and ecto-parasites, if necessary. 

The FACTOR C&MC®'S proposal is to reduce gradually the chemical controls, to increase the natural predators and to reduce the environmental impact and residues in the animal, products and environment. 

The FACTOR C&MC® is an important tool in the field for the improvement of the production in the horses businesses.   

Due to the reduction of the infestation of ticks, the product prevents the nutaliosis. 


The FACTOR C & MC® has a validity period of 2 (two) years from the manufacturing date. After the solution in water, the product has maximum validity of 24 (twenty-four) hours. 


Flask containing 26 g (approximately 570 globules) of the FACTOR C & MC® under the form of globules. 


Keep the product at least 5 meters far away from any chemical product and radiations provoked by electronic equipments. 

Store the product in a cool and dry place, protected of the sunlight and out of the reach of children and domestic animals. 

Keep the product under ambient temperature. 


Product Registered in the Ministry of the Agriculture under no. 061/08-SP in 24/07/2008.  


To administer the FACTOR C & MC® orally. 

Recommended dose: 

To administer 10 globules of the FACTOR C & MC® directly in the mouth, 2 (two) times a day or through the water dissolving 20 (twenty) globules per liter of water


Technical responsible
Maria do Carmo Arenales CRMV - SP 3101

Laboratory Manufacturer and Owner
The Fauna and Flora Arenales Ltd.
Street: Maurilio Fernandes, 141
Dist. Ind. Ana Jacinta
CEP: 19064-190 - Presidente Prudente - SP
Phone / Fax: (18) 3909-9090
CNPJ (MF): 02,556,428 / 0001-40 - IE. 562 238 478 110

Licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture under No. SP 000020-5 in 02/01/2015
Brazilian Industry

O Laboratório Veterinário Homeopático Fauna e Flora Arenales utiliza, na produção de seus Fatores® Homeopáticos, apenas sacarose ou frutose.

Caninos e felinos ao serem medicados recebem por dia entre 0,2 a 1,0 gramas destas substâncias em forma de glóbulos, o que segundo a literatura não representa risco a espécie, pois são metabolizados como nutrientes (Galhardi.; C.M.) e a quantidade ingerida é insignificante perante ao peso corporal destes animais. Nossas matérias primas são provenientes de fontes confiáveis e com qualidade comprovada.

O mesmo se aplica as demais espécies que consomem entre 3-5 gramas/dia, de sacarose(pó) ou frutose(polpa).

Contudo, desaconselha-se utilização de álcool para medicar quaisquer espécies de animais, considerando o dano que o mesmo pode causar.

Nossas formulações estão dentro das normas da Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira, sejam em sacarose, frutose ou glóbulos, obedecendo sempre às normas de Boas Práticas de Produção e Garantia de Qualidade.


Farmacopéia Homeopática Brasileira 3ºed. 2011.

Manual de Normas Técnicas para Farmácia Homeopática 3ºed. ABFH 2003.


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